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Keeping you on track

Let’s face it – keeping track of your company’s records is not the most stimulating thing to do! Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on the things you do best – like running your business and generating more revenues? Allow us to keep your accounting/bookkeeping up to date, by preparing all your statements for you.

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This is closely linked to Budgeting but we can also assist you with drafting the narrative part of the business plan that would be supported by the budget that is prepared.

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If you have a need for documenting how you want a specific procedure to be carried out, what that procedure is comprised of and who is responsible for what, then we can help you document it so that everyone is on the same page. We can draw up Policy & Procedure Manuals that are specific to your organization and have the built in internal controls that you are comfortable with. They are also a great tool for new employees.

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Enterprise Apps

We have extensive years of experience in both of these accounting software packages. Don’t hesitate to contact us to assist you with any questions or queries that you may have.

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Pinpoint Key Data

Analytical reviews help you to pin-point the following: By identifying the monthly variances in your income and expenses we can drill down and determine what the causes of monthly fluctuations really are.Trends that will help you to manage your business more effectively and allow you to budget for adequate cash reserves to get you through the leaner times.

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You may be familiar the phrase “Cash is King!” and we can assist you in adopting this philosophy within your business. What good is a net profit on your books if there is no cash in the bank?
We can help you track your cash on a monthly, weekly or even a daily basis if you’d like!…that fit your business!

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Visualize goals

This is closely linked to Budgeting, but we integrate your actual results for the year-to-date to help you determine what your estimated profit for the year will be. Profit forecasting assists you with: Tax liability estimates, Distribution determination, Year end bonus provisions for employees, Presentation Preparation. If you need assistance with preparing a slide show presentation or business report, we can assist you with that. We also specialize in creating graphs and tables from raw data.

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Pinpoint Key Data

Besides the bookkeeping function, we can also perform the CFO or Controller function for small to medium businesses. Reduce your payroll taxes by outsourcing these functions to someone you can trust.

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As the saying goes, “… in this world nothing is certain, except Death and Taxes”. Taxes were here before you were born and they’ll still be here after you depart this world. Why worry about whether you’ve prepared your taxes correctly or maximized your deductions – let us take care of all your tax needs whether they are Personal or Business Tax returns that need to be prepared. Received a letter from the IRS? Give us a call to assist you.

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Future Business Planning

Yes, the dreaded “B” word! But proper budgeting helps you to visualize where you want your business to be in a year from now, or three or five years. We will gladly assist you to plan and run your business more effectively. We specialize in building detailed spreadsheets that can easily be adjusted to reflect changes in your business strategies.

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Processing & Reporting

Fun, Fun, Fun – the highlight of any business owner’s day – NOT! Allow us to remove the headache of paying your employees and making sure that the correct forms are filed with the State and IRS. Imagine no more worries about trying to remember when you need to submit your payroll returns by!

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Our Passion!

Spreadsheets are our passion! They are such a powerful tool for reviewing and manipulating financial information. If you need assistance in preparing a spreadsheet or how to export financial information from your accounting software into a spreadsheet format for manipulation – let us save you time and teach you how to do it!

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